Les Vivandières

Eva Blake’s Autumn Winter 2018 collection is inspired by the Vivandières of the nineteenth century, enlisted women who provided food and wine to supplement French soldiers’ meagre rations.

Les Vivandières explores the conflict of possibilities, of violence and liberation, that these women experienced. The talismanic folded leather diamond, which is core to the collection, is designed at the meeting place of hope and heroism. The shape creates a relationship between amulets and medals, inspired by Algerian jewellery and its magical qualities which offer luck and protection. The shape also echoes the medallion, an honour given to heroic Vivandière women.

The play of jewel-coloured leather and metallic studs take reference from the flamboyant uniform worn by the Vivandière, which was in turn inspired by the uniform of the Zouave regiment, an Algerian French elite fighting unit. The colours of the collection – peacock turquoise, verdigris green, wine red and bone black – also play homage to the uniform of the Zouaves.

Our collection salutes these independent, adventurous and brave souls.

eva blake LES VIVANDIÈRES.jpg